Music is our drug

The Infinite Wilds (US!) are Writing!

Armed with a pink box for drums and, well a guitar as a guitar mixed with a few shots of good quality Russian vodka. We love this new creation and are busy making it even better. It will be ready for your beautiful ears very soon!

We’ve a few photos to upload when we get around to it, but in the meantime here’s a couple to whet your collective appetites:

We’re so unplugged, Anjay’s playing a pink laundry box instead of drums…

Alexei get’s those “Ah’s” down on record


About theinfinitewilds

Alexei Simon Alice
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2 Responses to Music is our drug

  1. Kirill says:

    Это точно, музыка это наш друг))

    • For all of us! It’s quite exciting – we’ve already developed the new song into something more and may even get around to recording a proper studio version of it in the next few months!

      What this space 🙂

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