More Writing. More Music. More Songs.

We disappear into the deepest darkest countryside this weekend to carry on our recent spate of writing and creativity.

It’s been such great fun to date, and when you’re slogging through middle-slot middle-of-the-week middle-of-nowhere gigs to a sound engineer and his slightly mottled dog, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that actually this is the really important bit. If you don’t put the time and effort, and most importantly, love into your writing to begin with, no matter how hard you practice, or how many gigs you play, you’re never going to be that great.

Unless you’re Muse.

Anyway, to keep appetites whetted (is that a word?) here are a few photos that our Renaissance-man and drummer extraordinaire (Anjay to his mother) took during our last writing weekend a fortnight ago.



Cubase and Wine

Getting our hands dirty.

Alexei playing the guitar

I think that’s a C-major?

Paper Bird

She won’t live. But who does?

You can also seem them in slideshow in our Gallery.


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