Spiders, Cats, and Crooked Halls

Excuse the Oxford Comma. We do love them.

Well, we’re back. Back in the miserable grey murk of The Albion having retreated from a weekend of singing, scribbling and, eventually slurring, in our 16th century Country Lodge, deep in the Suffolk countryside. Whether it’s a majestic, all-conquering return or a quiet via-the-backgate scuttle, we’ll leave to you to decide.

Being an Autumn(al) band, getting away on the cusp of the season’s change seems to have stoked our mojo as much as the rustic, gingerbread-folktale setting of our time away. The cottage we stayed in was so old that it didn’t appear to have a single straight surface, what with time and gravity having combined to pull the various beams, floors and hallways into unique and sloping or winding shapes (particularly to the bedrooms!). It was also home to many millions of spiders (or so it felt), muddy fields, and a rather grumpy cat.

The resulting songs are ones we’re very, very proud of, and are hoping to get polished enough to play at our gigs next week (full details still to follow ONCE the promoters get back to us).

In the meantime, have a few photos.

Simon's Bass and Amp


Anjay in the cottage

Anjay Spengler – keeping the ghosts away

The Front Room

Where the magic happens


Our grumpy lucky-charm


One half of The Engine Room


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