The Infinite Wilds Out In The Wilderness

After a build up to our two brill gigs last week, TIW, it has to be said, are feeling a little lost. The bow is bereft of its strings. The plectrum is pining for phalanges. The crash is craving some attack, and the bass is begging for bari-tones.

We basically enjoyed our moment up on that stage so much that we just want to be doing it all the time! So when we’re not doing it…what do we do?

We drink, we eat and we concoct our next storm of course!  And the eye of this storm is gravitating towards East London and gathering momentum over Brick Lane next weekend when we are back into the recording studios. It happens to be round the corner from Brick Lane Beigel Bakery and our collective excitement for the scrumptious salt beef bagel runs almost outweighs that of recording.

We just can’t wait to get more of our sound down on record and hope you will enjoy the result. Look out for photos and updates next week!

In the meantime, have a photo of some wilderness instead.



Big Love

Alice TIW


About theinfinitewilds

Alexei Simon Alice
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