2013 and all that Jazz

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. And a Delightful Detox as of yesterday too (if, like us, you’re still kidding yourselves about trying to be healthy for a few days).

Having wound down for December and had some well earned R&R, The Infinite Wilds ARE GO FOR 2013!

Well almost. After another mince pie.

And maybe a nap.

And what a few months we have ahead of us. We’re expecting to be busy with recordings, mastering, and gigging in the months ahead. With any luck, we’ll also have a brand new shiny EP to show for it all as well.

Artwork, photographs, and other visuals are all simmering away nicely on the back-burner and we’re going to get our teeth into them over the weeks and months that follow, though we should have something to tantalise you all with sooner rather than later.

But first and foremost, we’re really looking forward to getting back into the studio with Brian, and putting down one or two tracks in our session in January. It’s always hard to know exactly what you’re going to come out of the studio with, but we’re in good hands up in Brick Lane, so are hopeful that we’ll get a couple of excellent recordings of songs we know you’ll love out of it.

We’re also looking into gigs in the immediate future, but as always we’re very selective about where and when we play (there are FAR too many graveyard slots on a weekday night out there – we’re looking at you The Monto Water Rats) so we’ll announce any details as and when we get them.

In the meantime, we’re trying to think of words that rhyme exactly with “infinite”. Any takers?



About theinfinitewilds

Alexei Simon Alice
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