The Weekend is so near – what can you hear?

TIW! BANGING ON! (with violin, guitar and bass accompaniment) ABOUT ….THEIR….SUPPPORT ACT! Ha, fooled you all.

So, we’ve not really told all you lovely people about many of the details of our big PARTY next week. Yus, it will be £5 in (including an EP and badges) and doors open at 7pm. It’s in London’s trendy Heavenly Social. But what else? Well, firstly the aforementioned support. 

I am very happy to tell you that my personal Suffolk ally Cristabel will be performing a small, exclusive set on guitar to get our party off to a quite brilliant start around 8:15. Don’t miss her – she’s brilliant! 

Then, around 8:45, it’s us. We’ll be playing through our EP, but also all the songs you guys know and love. Well, our ones anyway. So if you fancy a little boogie, shuffle, or just a bobbing of the head, make sure you get down in time! We’re very punctual (some of us).

Finally, The Disco. We’re curating and DJing until 1am – who will be the last ones standing with us?!

Once again, doors to this place of wonder within which your favourite Saturday night awaits will open at 7pm. We can’t wait to see you there!Image                                              Cristabel can’t wait either


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