It’s Almost Here…

Hello you lovely people, and welcome to the weekend. Tomorrow finally sees us release our début EP – Wishing Leaves. And by release, we mean that we got a bunch of CDs pressed up, and are going to play a set and then party drunkenly well into the night. If you’ve been living in a cave (Hello! Pull up a pew and have a cup of tea; there’s a lot to update you on!), it’s at the Heavenly Social and the doors open at 7pm. More details here.

We’re really really proud of the songs and we think you’ll love them all. We’re also really humbled that so many of you are coming along to support us tomorrow – it truly means the world to a little band like us; without you lot, we’re just a bunch of music geeks who drink a lot!

If anyone fancies a preview of the tracks to whet their appetite (or learn the words!!), you can listen on our site here.

At some point we promise to get around to putting this stuff out digitally as well! 🙂

Finally, if anyone fancies hearing us play acoustically, we’re also doing a free gig tonight in Stockwell, or another one on Wednesday in Barnes.

Here we are, getting ready:


Big Love


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Alexei Simon Alice
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