I can see you, Spring!

I can see you, Spring – you have been well and truly caught. You win the prize though for longest hiding time. Bravo! Oh, hang on – you’re sneaking off again. COME BACK!


So,  over the week we’ve seen pasty legs around the country come out too early to bathe in the fringes of Summer, and so have we been basking in our own sunlight that was still shining from the memories of our EP launch night. I don’t want to repeat myself, but it was just so bloody brilliant! Thank you, again for making it thus. Especially to those that swayed along to “Take Me”, to the roof shattering applauders, the enthusiastic post gig imbibers and the end of the night dance floor MOVERS – you all made it great!

You know when you are on a train at a platform, and you look outside to another train next to you and get the feeling you are moving when in actual fact it was the other train? Within this time post gig, the buzz of the EP launch has tricked me into feeling like that.  But as all you clever clogs will already know, that still train is not what stuff TIW are made on. We want that moving train! So next up we are hoofing it into the hills of Hertfordshire for a private festival which we can’t wait for. And beyond those hills is where we journey to next. It’s gonna be fun so do come along if you’re free. Anyone at our launch can step into the first class carriage. 

Welcome to our new likes & followers!


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Alexei Simon Alice
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