Killing three hours in a hotel lobby…

Killing three hours in a hotel lobby waiting in the island of sheepy sound+wet weather (geddit? geddit?) waiting for a late flight home…and I wish I could say it was in the name of rock and roll. But I can see my colleague knit out of the corner of my eye and Public Broadcasting Service are spilling their wonderful concoction of the past and present into my ears. So it’s not far off. Talking of past and present, I watched Cloud Atlas on the way over. Je recommande!

Here is the lovely pattern I see when I look up.


 And here is the lovely man I see when I look over there:



The Infinite Wilds are trippy happy excited to be playing at The Festival Of The Year* on Saturday for Rach and friends joint 30th Birthday. With the beer at a frugal price of £2 I’m a little concerned about the level of finesse in our music making bones by the time we step up to the festival stage – but that just makes the anticipation even more thrilling.

And then we are heading into the writing zone over the summer months so we can’t wait to reveal the fruits of that loving labour soon!

 In the next blog:

Did Alice of TIW wear *that cape*?

TIW Love to you all x

*results obtained through our own independent survey of all of Rachel’s friends 


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