Skylines in Summer

London, you are beautiful: A glittering, sculptural sense of wonder. Aboard Alexei’s rooftop this view led us to the ebb of our evening after a writing day which yielded

new song klaxon ————– a brand new TIW song!——-end of new song klaxon

Lyrics Sneak Preview

Sneak preview of new song lyrics

Were any of you in this scene last Friday night? If only we could zoom in and spot you sipping your mojito’s along Southbank or drinking in the view from the Shard.

So, yes a new song we have! We are excited to continue working on it over the next few weeks and releasing it to the ears of TIW fans and beyond. Its preview may well be hosted at something similar to this growing trend of House Concerts. How cosy!

In the mean time – have a lovely site recommendation; marrying two wonderful art-forms, to soundtrack the final slog through our Friday afternoon:

A cool union of literature and music 

TIW over and out for now! x


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Alexei Simon Alice
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