London folk-and-noise quartet bring melody and drama in equal measure

With twisty, turny melodies and violin hooks that pull you right in, it’s hard not to fall for The Infinite Wilds” – Emily Bennett (Betty and The Werewolves, Tender Trap)

Good original tunes…expect a whole lot more from them” – www.southlondonscene.co.uk

After forming in 2012, The Infinite Wilds have developed their original and distinctive sound, gestating and performing only a select few gigs in London to an ever-growing group of fans.

Produced by the visionary Bryan Wilson (Frightened Rabbit, Of Monsters and Men, Bat for Lashes), the unorthodox set-up of instruments including violin, vocals,  bass and drums creates an unexpected and complimentary twist to songs often weaving in harmony, melody, and passionate tales of love and life.

Singer Alexei: “Sonically, it’s big, lush, yearning music with energy and emotion. It swings between a pastoral melancholy and euphoric drama.”

Four-piece alt.folk melody makers The Infinite Wilds released the EP with a celebration launch party on April 13th 2013 in the hallowed halls of the legendary Heavenly Social, W1.